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בשלושה דברים אדם ניכר בכוסו בכיסו ובכעסו



From the Babylonian Talmud, Eruvin 65. Literally “In three things man is recognized: in his cup, in his pocket, and in his anger”, or in idiomatic English, “By three things a man is known: by his cup, by his pocket, and by his anger.” (i.e., by how he behaves when drunk, how generous he is with his possessions, and how he behaves when in a temper).


בשלושה דברים אדם ניכר: בכוסו, בכיסו, ובכעסו.‎ (bishloshá d'varím adám nikár: b'khosó, b'khisó, uv'kha`asó.)

  1. People reveal their true personality when influenced by drink, money, or anger.