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From Middle Persian [Term?].


Dari Persian آهو
Iranian Persian آهو
Tajiki Persian оҳу (ohu)

آهو (âhu) (plural آهوان (âhovân) or آهوها (âhu-hâ))

  1. gazelle
  2. deer


Derived termsEdit


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  • Dari: [script needed] (ā̊hū)
  • Persian: [script needed] (åhu)
  • Tajik: [script needed] (ohu)
  • Gilaki: [script needed] (åhú)
  • Kermanic:
    Gazi: [script needed] (åhū)
    Kafroni: [script needed] (åvī́)
    Kese'i: [script needed] (ā̊hṻ)
    Natanzi: [script needed] (åvī́)
    Qohrudi: [script needed] (åhū́)
    Vonishuni: [script needed] (åhū́)
    Sedehi: [script needed] (åhū́)
    Zefre'i: [script needed] (åhṻ)
  • Lasgerdi: [script needed] (āhú)
  • Ormuri: [script needed] (āū)
  • Parachi: [script needed] (āhū́)
  • Sarikoli: [script needed] (āhu)
  • Semnani: [script needed] (āhú)
  • Shahmirzadi: [script needed] (ā̊hū̆)
  • Sivandi: [script needed] (āhū)
  • Sorkhei: [script needed] (ahü)

Proper nounEdit

آهو (âhu)

  1. A female given name, Ahu.