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Ottoman Turkish edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Persian دیوان (divân).

Noun edit

دیوان (dîvân)

  1. divan (collection of poems)
  2. divan (council of state)
  3. court, tribunal
  4. An administrative unit consisting of a few villages in the Ottoman Empire.

Descendants edit

Persian edit

Etymology edit

From Middle Persian d(p)ywʾn' (dēwān, archive, collected writings); see there for further information.

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? dēwān
Dari reading? dēwān
Iranian reading? divân
Tajik reading? devon
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ân

Noun edit

Dari دیوان
Iranian Persian
Tajik девон

دیوان (divân) (plural دیوان‌ها (divân-hâ))

  1. divan (collection of poems)
  2. divan (council)
  3. bureau
  4. court, tribunal
  5. a muster roll, a register of soldiers
  6. sofa, couch

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

References edit

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