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From Middle Persian corresponding to Classical Persian سکرچه(sukarrača). سکرجه(sukarraja), see Persian سکوره(sukôra).



سُكْرُجَة or سُكُرُّجَة or سُكُرَّجَة (sukruja or sukurruja or sukurrajaf (plural سَكَارِيج(sakārīj)) (archaic)

  1. a kind of small bowl-shaped plate for side dishes, like for sauces for meat, as well as chemistry applications
    • مَا عَلِمْتُ النَّبِيَّ أَكَلَ عَلَى سُكُرُّجَةٍ قَطُّ، وَلَا خُبِزَ لَهُ مُرَقَّقٌ قَطُّ، وَلَا أَكَلَ عَلَى خِوَانٍ
      mā ʿalimtu n-nabiyya ʾakala ʿalā sukurrujatin qaṭṭu, wa-lā ḵubiza la-hū muraqqaqun qaṭṭu, wa-lā ʾakala ʿalā ḵiwānin
      He never ate from a side-dish plate, never had crumbled bread, and never ate on the table.
  2. a weight measure used as well in cookery as in pharmacy of a bowl containing 125 grammes
  3. cutting-disk of a threshing-sledge Schneidscheibe des Dreschschlittens
  4. socket of a door hinge Angelpfanne einer Tür
    • 1890, Muḥammad Bey ʿuṯmān Galāl, Kern, Friedrich, editor, النساء العالمات [The Learned Ladies], Leipzig: Otto Harrassowitz, published 1898, page 112:
      طيب، وقصيد الشيخ مليجي وإبرهيم،
      وخطبة الشيخ سكرجة والشيخ كليم،
      ليه ما طبعتوهم، ولا أخذوا فلوس،
      في أجرة الشمعة، وتصليح الفَنوس؟
      Well, and the qasida of Sheykh Malīgī and ʾIbrahīm,
      and the speech of Sheykh Hinge-Socket and the speech of Sheykh Carpet,
      why have you not printed them, and they received naught to redeem
      dedicated brooding by the candle, screwing the lamplet?




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