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Borrowed from Aramaic מְשָׁרָא(məšārā), ܡܫܳܪܬܴܐ(məšārtā), from Akkadian 𒊬 (/mušaru/, garden bed; a measure of one square ninda, i. e. 6×6 metres), itself a loan from Sumerian 𒊬𒊬 (/musar/, garden or field bed).



مَشَارَة (mašāraf (plural مَشَارَات(mašārāt) or مَشَاوِر(mašāwir) or مَشائِر(mašāʾir)) (obsolete)

  1. a garden bed, a horticultural or agricultural plot, field parcel, what is cut off from adjacent parts of land to sow and plant
    • والوجه الآخر إن يقطع له الأرض أمشارا أمشارا ويدخل فيها الماء ويقام فيها مقدار شبرة ثم ينثر الحب عليه نثرا وإذا شربت الأرض ذلك الماء غطي الرز برقيق التراب ينثر علبه بالأيادي حتى إذا مضت ساعات وتندى التراب الذي غطي به فليقام الماء في تلك المشارات فياما دائما متّصلا
      And the other way [of transplanting rice] is when the earth is cut into divisions and water is introduced into it to stand a handspan high, then the seeds are strewn onto it, and when the earth is soaked by this water the rice is covered with sprinkled soil strewn onto it by the hands until some hours have passed and the soil which has been strewn on it is damp too, and the water shall stand in these beds continuously and without intermission.




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