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Classical SyriacEdit

Etymology 1Edit

Modified from ܗܢܝܢ(hennên, they), with the initial consonant quiescing.



ܐܢܝܢ (transliteration neededf pl (singular ܗܝ‎, singular masculine counterpart ܗܘ‎, plural masculine counterpart ܐܢܘܢ‎)

  1. an enclitic used as a copula for a third-person plural feminine subject; they are
  2. (with a preceding first- or second-person plural pronoun) an enclitic used as a copula for a plural feminine subject; (we) are, (you) are
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Etymology 2Edit



ܐܢܝܢ (transliteration neededf pl (singular ܠܗ‎, singular masculine counterpart ܠܗ‎, plural feminine counterpart ܐܢܘܢ‎)

  1. often used as a third-person plural feminine direct object; them
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