Pali edit

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Noun edit

สัน m

  1. Thai script (without implicit vowels) form of san (“dog”)

Declension edit

Only consensus forms are shown.

Thai edit

Pronunciation edit

s ạ n
Royal Institutesan
(standard) IPA(key)/san˩˩˦/(R)

Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Southwestern Tai *sanᴬ¹ (back of a blade). Cognate with Northern Thai ᩈᩢ᩠ᨶ, Lao ສັນ (san), ᦶᦉᧃ (ṡaen), Shan သၼ် (sǎn), Tai Nüa ᥔᥢᥴ (sán), Phake ꩬꩫ် (san), Ahom 𑜏𑜃𑜫 (san).

Noun edit

สัน (sǎn)

  1. ridge: long and narrow upper edge, angle, or crest of something.
  2. (of a cutting instrument or weapon, of a book, etc) spine.
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Etymology 2 edit

Noun edit

สัน (sǎn)

  1. (astrology, dialect) Year of the Monkey, the ninth year in the cycle of twelve years under the lunar calendar.
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Etymology 3 edit

Particle edit

สัน (sǎn)

  1. undefined, found in a number of compounds.
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