See also: កុន and កូន

Khmer edit

Etymology edit

Possibly from Middle Chinese (MC kan). Cognate with Northern Khmer กัน, Thai กัน (gan) Lao ກັນ (kan), Tai Dam ꪀꪽ, Shan ၵၼ် (kǎn), Khmer កាល់ (kal).

Pronunciation edit

Orthographic and Phonemic កាន់
WT romanisation kan
(standard) IPA(key) /kan/

Verb edit

កាន់ (kan) (abstract noun ការកាន់)

  1. to hold, carry in the hand, grasp
  2. to control, be in charge of, be responsible for
  3. to withstand, support, sustain
  4. to hold to, believe in, to observe (a religion), to adhere

Preposition edit

កាន់ (kan)

  1. to, toward

Affixed forms edit