See also: កុន and កាន់

Khmer edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Mon-Khmer *kuun ~ *kuən (child). Cognate with Muong còn, Thavung กอน, Mon ကောန် (kon), Vietnamese con, Bahnar kon, Khasi khun, Central Nicobarese kōan, outside Mon-Khmer: Thai โกน (goon), กูน (guun).

Pronunciation edit

Orthographic and Phonemic កូន
WT romanisation koun
(standard) IPA(key) /koun/

Noun edit

កូន (koun)

  1. child
  2. offspring, progeny
  3. person under the control of someone else
  4. young or baby animal
  5. small member of a class or set, small member of a combination
  6. (card games) player (as opposed to the dealer)

Pronoun edit

កូន (koun)

  1. I, me (1st-person pronoun when speaking to one's parents)
  2. you, your (parents speaking to a child)

Classifier edit

កូន (koun)

  1. classifier for pieces of chalk, (flashlight) batteries

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