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Etymology 1 edit

Alternative spellings

Elongation of おい.

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Interjection edit

おおい (ōi

  1. Used to attract the attention of someone far away: hey, ahoy
    • 1924, 宮沢賢治, 注文の多い料理店[1], 青空文庫:
      Futari wa niwaka ni genki ga tsuite “Ōi, ōi, koko da zo, hayaku koi.” to sakebimashita.
      The two suddenly cheered up and yelled, “Hey, hey, we’re over here! Come quick!”

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Etymology 2 edit

For pronunciation and definitions of おおい – see the following entries.
[adjective] there are many, there is much, there are numerous, there is an abundance, there amply exists
[adjective] large, big
[adjective] great, grand
[noun] cover, wrapping
Alternative spellings
被い, 蔽い, 蓋い, 掩い
(This term, おおい, is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as おおい, see Category:Japanese kanji read as おおい.)