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Category:Japanese adjectives

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  1. 僭越
  2. 尊大
  3. 高らか
  4. 色っぽい
  5. 長々
  6. 利己的
  7. 楽しい
  8. 頭が良い
  9. ださい
  10. がらんどう
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  1. かたはらいたい
  2. ていたい
  3. ちいさな
  4. きたない
  5. おおきな
  6. きょだい
  7. なだかい
  8. ほこりたかい
  9. なまやさしい
  10. かんだかい

Fundamental » All languages » Japanese » Lemmas » Adjectives

Japanese terms that give attributes to nouns, extending their definitions.

Japanese adjectives that inflect are categorized into い-adjectives, also called i-adjectives, and な-adjectives, also called na-adjectives, quasi-adjectives, or adverbial nouns) by their inflection types. This category also includes たり-tari adjectives, also known as たる-taru adjectives, which do not inflect but can modify a noun with たる (taru) or a verb with と (to.) Entries in this category use the template {{ja-adj}}.


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