Etymology 1Edit

Japanese question particle (​ka) + しら (shira), the irrealis form of verb 知る (shiru, to know), used as an abbreviation of negative form 知らない (shiranai, don't know). Literally means “don't know whether...”



かしら (ka shira)

  1. (women's speech) I wonder.
     (かれ) (あや)しい (ひと)かしら
    Kare wa ayashii hito ka shira.
    I wonder if he's a suspicious person.
Usage notesEdit
  • かしら (ka shira) is similar to かな (​ka na), but is used more by women than by men. This particle always comes at the end.

Etymology 2Edit

Kanji reading.


かしら (kashira)

  1. : a head; a boss, a chief, a leader; the top, the first, the initial