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Etymology 1Edit

Japanese question particle (​ka) + しら (shira), the irrealis form of verb 知る (shiru, to know), used as an abbreviation of negative form 知らない (shiranai, don't know). Literally means “don't know whether...”



かしら (rōmaji ka shira)

  1. I wonder.
     (かれ) (あや)しい (ひと)かしら
    Kare wa ayashii hito ka shira.
    I wonder if he's a suspicious person.
Usage notesEdit
  • かしら (ka shira) is similar to かな (​ka na), but is used more by women than by men. This particle always comes at the end.

Etymology 2Edit

Kanji reading.


かしら (rōmaji kashira)

  1. : a head; a boss, a chief, a leader; the top, the first, the initial