Chinese character


CJKV ideograph in traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese.


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Chinese character (plural Chinese characters)

  1. Any character used in the written form of several languages of China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.
    • There are no Publick Schools in all China (though ſome Writers have erroneouſly ſet forth the contrary) but every perſon chuſes his own Maſter, by whom he is taught in his Houſe, at his own charge. And in regard of the great difficulty in teaching the Chineſe Characters, in reſpect of their vaſt number and variety, it is impoſſible for one to teach many ſeveral perſons ; and therefore every Maſter of a Family takes an Intſructer into his Houſe for his Children, of whom if there be two or three to learn, they are as many as one Tutor can well teach.
  2. A species of moth, Cilix glaucata.





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