かなえ (kanae)

  1. , : a three-legged kettle, a tripod kettle, used for cooking and later for ceremonial purposes in ancient China, and often made of bronze; a symbol of a king or other high authority


かなえ (kanae)

  1. potential stem of verb 敵う: (intrans.) to match, to be a match; to put up with, to stand or bear (something unpleasant)
  2. potential stem of verb 適う: (intrans.) to fit together, to work out, to suit, to meet an expectation
  3. potential stem of verb 叶う: (intrans.) to happen as desired, to be fulfilled or realized
  4. base stem of verb 叶える, 適える: (trans.) to grant something (such as a wish), to make something work out as desired