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Formal (〜ます) form of archaic ござる, which is the polite form of ある.


ございます (rōmaji gozaimasu)

  1. 御座います: polite form of the copula, ある.

Usage notesEdit

Usage in polite speech varies between speakers. Primarily used only to indicate existence or location, as in:

  • 食品 (しょくひん) () ()地下 (ちか)ございます
    Shokuhin uriba wa chika ni gozaimasu.
    The food department is in the basement.
  • かばん () ()1階 (いっかい)ございます
    Kaban uriba wa ikkai de gozaimasu.
    The bag department is on the 1st floor.

In principle でございます can be used anywhere です is used, but in usage this sounds very formal or stilted.