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[noun] (Buddhism) generosity as one of the Buddhist perfections (पारमिता (pāramitā))
[noun] (Buddhism) a donation of money, goods, or service to monks or a temple
[noun] (Buddhism) a person who makes such a donation: a patron
[noun] (archaic) in the Japanese medieval period, overnight visitors to a shrine or temple
[noun] (archaic) by extension, a gentleman
[noun] broadly, a patron, a husband, a master:
[noun] (honorific) a master of servants, a boss of employees, the master of the house
[noun] (honorific) by extension, an honorific for one's own or someone else's husband
[noun] (honorific) also by extension, used by shopkeepers to address a male customer or by an artisan to refer to one's own school or lineage
[noun] (honorific) a term used by a concubine, mistress, or geisha to refer to one's own patron: a sugar daddy
[noun] (honorific) a term used by female servants to refer to the mistress of the house
Alternative spelling
(This term, だんな, is the hiragana spelling of the above term.)