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Pronunciation edit

Adverb edit

とかく (tokaku

  1. being apt to; being prone to; tending to
    Asette yaru to tokaku shippaishi gachi da.
    You are prone to lose if you start to panic.
  2. (in the form of とかく (tokaku no)) all sorts of (negative things); various
    Ano hito ni wa tokaku no hihan ga aru.
    There are all sorts of criticism toward that person.
  3. this and that
    tokaku suru uchi ni ichinichi tatta
    one day has passed by doing this and that
  4. anyway, anyhow
    Synonym: とにかく (tonikaku)

Usage notes edit

This term is often spelled in hiragana.

Noun edit

とかく (tokaku

  1. (idiomatic, Buddhism) things that do not exist; rabbit horns

References edit

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