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ふぜい (rōmaji fuzei)

  1. 風情: taste, elegance; discernment, sophistication; appearance, outward attitude; (theater, noh) in noh theater, an actor's bearing, carriage, and gestures: body language
  2. 負税: in the Nara period, interest not paid to the state on the loan of rice to commoners
  3. 賦税: taxation, the levying or imposition of a tax; a tax so levied or imposed
  4. 府税: prefectural tax (in modern Japan, specific to Kyoto and Osaka)


ふぜい (rōmaji -fuzei)

  1. 風情: similar to, like, type or kind of thing; (derogatory) the likes of ... (particularly when appended to a person's name)