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the topmost branches of a tree; surface; sign
the topmost branches of a tree; surface; sign; to mark; (outward) sign; indication; prize; award; bid
topic; subject; to inscribe
topic; subject; to inscribe; to superscribe
trad. (標題)
simp. (标题)

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  • piou1 doi5 - Chaozhou;
  • piao1 doi5 - Shantou.

Noun Edit


  1. title; heading; subject; caption; headline
    新聞標題新闻标题  ―  xīnwén biāotí  ―  news headlines
  2. (Internet) subject (of an email)

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Kanji in this term
Grade: 4
Grade: 3

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(ひょう)(だい) (hyōdai

  1. title
  2. heading of an article etc.
    • 1908, 夏目漱石, 三四郎:
      Miru to hyōdai ni ōki na katsuji de “idai naru kurayami” to aru.
      I looked at the heading and saw "The Great Darkness" in large print.
  3. headline in a newspaper