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Likely from Old Japanese, from Proto-Japonic *oyonku. Included in The Tale of Genji from the late 900s or early 1000s. Listed in sources with a note that this may have been pronounced originally as oyoku,[1][2][3] however, cognates among the Ryūkyūan languages would seem to support a voiced /ɡ/ as the final consonant. Compare Kunigami 泳じゅん (uijun), Okinawan 泳じゅん (qwiijun).

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  • Tokyo pitch accent of conjugated forms of "泳ぐ"
Source: Online Japanese Accent Dictionary
Stem forms
Terminal (終止形)
Attributive (連体形)
泳ぐ [òyóꜜgù]
Imperative (命令形) 泳げ [òyóꜜgè]
Key constructions
Passive 泳がれる よがれ [òyógáréꜜrù]
Causative 泳がせる よがせ [òyógáséꜜrù]
Potential 泳げる よげ [òyógéꜜrù]
Volitional 泳ごう よご [òyógóꜜò]
Negative 泳がない よがない [òyógáꜜnàì]
Negative perfective 泳がなかった よがなかった [òyógáꜜnàkàttà]
Formal 泳ぎます よぎま [òyógímáꜜsù]
Perfective 泳いだ いだ [òyóꜜìdà]
Conjunctive 泳いで いで [òyóꜜìdè]
Hypothetical conditional 泳げば げば [òyóꜜgèbà]

Verb edit

(およ) (oyoguintransitive godan (stem (およ) (oyogi), past (およ)いだ (oyoida))

  1. to swim
    Kinō, watashi wa jimu de go kiro oyogimashita.
    Yesterday I swam 5 kilometers at the gym.
    Koko de oyogeru.
    We can swim here.
    Oyogu koto ga dekinai.
    I cannot swim.
  2. to act freely while being monitored (in the possibility that one will do something incriminating); used in the causative 泳がす泳がせる (oyogasu, oyogaseru, to let someone act freely and monitor them)
    yōgisha o oyogaseru
    to let a suspect swim → to monitor a suspect

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