See also: 獨逸

Chinese edit

For pronunciation and definitions of – see 獨逸 (“Germany”).
(This term is the simplified form of 獨逸).

Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
どく > ど
Grade: 5
Grade: S
irregular kan’on
Alternative spelling
獨逸 (kyūjitai)

Proper noun edit

独逸(ドイツ) (Doitsu

  1. Dated spelling of ドイツ.: Germany (a country in Central Europe, formed in 1949 as West Germany, with its provisional capital Bonn until 1990, when it incorporated East Germany)

Usage notes edit

This kanji spelling 独逸 is rarely used in its full form, but its abbreviation is often used.

Descendants edit

  • Chinese: 獨逸独逸 (Dúyì)
  • Korean: 독일 (Dogil)