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U+8580, 薀

CJK Unified Ideographs

Translingual edit

Han character edit

(Kangxi radical 140, +13, 19 strokes, cangjie input 廿水田廿 (TEWT), four-corner 44117, composition )

  1. the mare's tail plant (Hippuris)

References edit

  • Kangxi Dictionary: page 1059, character 52
  • Dai Kanwa Jiten: character 32071
  • Dae Jaweon: page 1523, character 32
  • Hanyu Da Zidian (first edition): volume 5, page 3296, character 1
  • Unihan data for U+8580

Chinese edit


Pronunciation edit

Definitions edit

  1. Alternative form of

References edit

Japanese edit

Kanji edit

(uncommon “Hyōgai” kanji)

  1. pile up
  2. store
  3. hornwort

Readings edit

  • On (unclassified): うん (un)
  • Kun: つむ (tsumu)

Korean edit

Hanja edit

(on) (hangeul , revised on, McCune–Reischauer on, Yale on)

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