See also: 退學

Chinese edit

For pronunciation and definitions of 退 – see 退學 (“to drop out of school; to quit school”).
(This term is the simplified form of 退學).

Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
Grade: 6
Grade: 1
Alternative spelling
退學 (kyūjitai)

Noun edit

退(たい)(がく) (taigaku

  1. dropping out of school
  2. failing out of school
  3. expulsion from school

Verb edit

退(たい)(がく)する (taigaku surusuru (stem 退(たい)(がく) (taigaku shi), past 退(たい)(がく)した (taigaku shita))

  1. to drop out of school
  2. to flunk out of school
  3. to be expelled from school

Conjugation edit