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even; as; to join
even; as; to join; to link; successively
impure; muddy
trad. (連濁)
simp. (连浊)
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Etymology edit

Orthographic borrowing from Japanese (れん)(だく) (rendaku, sequential voicing)

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  1. (linguistics) rendaku

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Grade: 4
Grade: S

Etymology edit

From (ren, continuous, sequential) +‎ (daku, voicing).

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(れん)(だく) (rendaku

  1. (linguistics) a morphological change of an initial syllable of the second word of a compound in Japanese from an unvoiced sound to a corresponding voiced one (more precisely, a change to the sound of corresponding kana with a 濁点).

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Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

連濁 (yeontak) (hangeul 연탁)

  1. Hanja form? of 연탁 (rendaku).