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Etymology edit

Sino-Korean word from 時計, an orthographic borrowing from Japanese 時計 (tokei)

Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?sigye
Revised Romanization (translit.)?sigye
Yale Romanization?sikyey

Noun edit

시계 (sigye) (hanja 時計)

  1. a clock, a watch, a timepiece
    시계 열두 울림 동시 울음소리 냈다고 한다.
    Sigye-ga yeoldu si-reul ullim-gwa dongsie na-neun cheot ureumsori-reul naetdago handa.
    It was remarked that the clock began to strike, and I began to cry, simultaneously.
    1869, Dickens, David Copperfield, chapter 1 (The original sentence in English)

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