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Etymology edit

First attested in the Samgang haengsildo (三綱行實圖 / 삼강행실도), 1511, as Middle Korean 져녁 (Yale: cyenyek). Also attested as 뎌녁 (dyenyek), 저녁 (cenyek).

Evidently a compound with (nyeok, around the time of) as its second component; the first part may be from Middle Korean 져믈〮다〮 (cyèmúltá, to get dark) (> modern 저물다 (jeomulda)) or Middle Korean (tye, that) (> modern (jeo)).

Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?jeonyeok
Revised Romanization (translit.)?jeonyeog
Yale Romanization?cenyek

Noun edit

저녁 (jeonyeok)

  1. evening
    저녁 일곱
    jeonyeok ilgop sie
    at seven p.m.
    (literally, “in the evening”)
  2. evening meal; supper; dinner
    Antonym: 아침 (achim, breakfast)

Holonyms edit

See also edit

  • (evening): 아침 (achim, “morning”), (nat, “daytime”), 오후 (午後, ohu, “afternoon”), (bam, “night”)