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From Middle English sopere, from Old French soper, from sope (soup). Compare French souper.

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supper (countable and uncountable, plural suppers)

  1. Food consumed before going to bed.
  2. Any meal eaten in the evening; dinner eaten in the evening, rather than at noon.
    We normally have supper at 7.
  3. (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England, slang) A meal from a chip shop consisting of a deep-fried food with chips.
    a pizza supper
    • 2014, Gerald Hansen, An Embarrassment of Riches:
      Roisin the savior paraded into the front room with three fish suppers, one sausage supper, one single fish, one single chips, a single sausage, a chicken and chips, and three curry and chips.
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  • Japanese: サパー (sapā)
  • Maori: hapa
  • Welsh: swper
  • Zulu: îsápha
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supper (third-person singular simple present suppers, present participle suppering, simple past and past participle suppered)

  1. To consume a snack before going to bed.
  2. To eat dinner.
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sup +‎ -er

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supper (plural suppers)

  1. A drinker, especially one who drinks slowly (i.e., one who sups).
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Danish edit

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supper c

  1. indefinite plural of suppe

Norwegian Bokmål edit

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supper m or f

  1. indefinite plural of suppe

Norwegian Nynorsk edit

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supper f

  1. indefinite plural of suppe