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Basic Latin

Latin-1 Supplement ⟶

This page lists the characters in the “Basic Latin” block of the Unicode standard, version 12.1. This block covers codepoints from U+0000 to U+007F. These are characters from the ASCII character set.

Code point Image Character Name
U+0000 (0) (unprintable) <control-0000>; control character name: NULL (NUL)
U+0001 (1) (unprintable) <control-0001>; control character name: START OF HEADING (SOH)
U+0002 (2) (unprintable) <control-0002>; control character name: START OF TEXT (STX)
U+0003 (3) (unprintable) <control-0003>; control character name: END OF TEXT (ETX)
U+0004 (4) (unprintable) <control-0004>; control character name: END OF TRANSMISSION (EOT)
U+0005 (5) (unprintable) <control-0005>; control character name: ENQUIRY (ENQ)
U+0006 (6) (unprintable) <control-0006>; control character name: ACKNOWLEDGE (ACK)
U+0007 (7) (unprintable) <control-0007>; control character name: ALERT (BEL)
U+0008 (8) (unprintable) <control-0008>; control character name: BACKSPACE (BS)
U+0009 (9) (unprintable) <control-0009>; control character name: CHARACTER TABULATION or HORIZONTAL TABULATION (HT, TAB)
U+000A (10) (unprintable) <control-000A>; control character name: LINE FEED or NEW LINE or END OF LINE (LF, NL, EOL)
U+000B (11) (unprintable) <control-000B>; control character name: LINE TABULATION or VERTICAL TABULATION (VT)
U+000C (12) (unprintable) <control-000C>; control character name: FORM FEED (FF)
U+000D (13) (unprintable) <control-000D>; control character name: CARRIAGE RETURN (CR)
U+000E (14) (unprintable) <control-000E>; control character name: SHIFT OUT or LOCKING-SHIFT ONE (SO)
U+000F (15) (unprintable) <control-000F>; control character name: SHIFT IN or LOCKING-SHIFT ZERO (SI)
U+0010 (16) (unprintable) <control-0010>; control character name: DATA LINK ESCAPE (DLE)
U+0011 (17) (unprintable) <control-0011>; control character name: DEVICE CONTROL ONE (DC1)
U+0012 (18) (unprintable) <control-0012>; control character name: DEVICE CONTROL TWO (DC2)
U+0013 (19) (unprintable) <control-0013>; control character name: DEVICE CONTROL THREE (DC3)
U+0014 (20) (unprintable) <control-0014>; control character name: DEVICE CONTROL FOUR (DC4)
U+0015 (21) (unprintable) <control-0015>; control character name: NEGATIVE ACKNOWLEDGE (NAK)
U+0016 (22) (unprintable) <control-0016>; control character name: SYNCHRONOUS IDLE (SYN)
U+0017 (23) (unprintable) <control-0017>; control character name: END OF TRANSMISSION BLOCK (ETB)
U+0018 (24) (unprintable) <control-0018>; control character name: CANCEL (CAN)
U+0019 (25) (unprintable) <control-0019>; control character name: END OF MEDIUM (EOM)
U+001A (26) (unprintable) <control-001A>; control character name: SUBSTITUTE (SUB)
U+001B (27) (unprintable) <control-001B>; control character name: ESCAPE (ESC)
U+001C (28) (unprintable) <control-001C>; control character name: INFORMATION SEPARATOR FOUR or FILE SEPARATOR (FS)
U+001D (29) (unprintable) <control-001D>; control character name: INFORMATION SEPARATOR THREE or GROUP SEPARATOR (GS)
U+001E (30) (unprintable) <control-001E>; control character name: INFORMATION SEPARATOR TWO or RECORD SEPARATOR (RS)
U+001F (31) (unprintable) <control-001F>; control character name: INFORMATION SEPARATOR ONE or UNIT SEPARATOR (US)
U+0020 (32) ] [ SPACE (SP)
U+0021 (33) Bang.svg ! EXCLAMATION MARK
U+0022 (34) Straight Quotation Mark.svg " QUOTATION MARK
U+0023 (35) Hash-transbg.svg # NUMBER SIGN
U+0024 (36) Cifrão symbol.svg $ DOLLAR SIGN
U+0025 (37) Percent 18e.svg % PERCENT SIGN
U+0026 (38) Et-Zeichen.svg & AMPERSAND
U+0027 (39) ' APOSTROPHE
U+0028 (40) KlammerAuf.svg ( LEFT PARENTHESIS
U+0029 (41) KlammerZu.svg ) RIGHT PARENTHESIS
U+002A (42) Asterisk.svg * ASTERISK
U+002B (43) +.svg + PLUS SIGN
U+002C (44) Comma.svg , COMMA
U+002D (45) Dash.svg - HYPHEN-MINUS
U+002E (46) Full stop.png . FULL STOP
U+002F (47) Slash.svg / SOLIDUS
U+0030 (48) Zéro.svg 0 DIGIT ZERO
U+0031 (49) Un1.svg 1 DIGIT ONE
U+0032 (50) Deux.svg 2 DIGIT TWO
U+0033 (51) Trois.svg 3 DIGIT THREE
U+0034 (52) Quatre.svg 4 DIGIT FOUR
U+0035 (53) Cinq.svg 5 DIGIT FIVE
U+0036 (54) Six.svg 6 DIGIT SIX
U+0037 (55) Sept.svg 7 DIGIT SEVEN
U+0038 (56) Huit.svg 8 DIGIT EIGHT
U+0039 (57) Neuf.svg 9 DIGIT NINE
U+003A (58) Colon.svg : COLON
U+003B (59) Semicolon.svg ; SEMICOLON
U+003C (60) Less than sign.png < LESS-THAN SIGN
U+003D (61) Equals.svg = EQUALS SIGN
U+003E (62) Greater than sign.png > GREATER-THAN SIGN
U+003F (63) Question mark.svg ? QUESTION MARK
U+0040 (64) @ symbol.svg @ COMMERCIAL AT
U+0041 (65) LetterA.svg A LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A
U+0042 (66) LetterB.svg B LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B
U+0043 (67) LetterC.svg C LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C
U+0044 (68) LetterD.svg D LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D
U+0045 (69) LetterE.svg E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E
U+0046 (70) LetterF.svg F LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F
U+0047 (71) LetterG.svg G LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G
U+0048 (72) LetterH.svg H LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H
U+0049 (73) LetterI.svg I LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I
U+004A (74) LetterJ.svg J LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J
U+004B (75) LetterK.svg K LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K
U+004C (76) LetterL.svg L LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L
U+004D (77) LetterM.svg M LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M
U+004E (78) LetterN.svg N LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N
U+004F (79) LetterO.svg O LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O
U+0050 (80) LetterP.svg P LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P
U+0051 (81) LetterQ.svg Q LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Q
U+0052 (82) LetterR.svg R LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R
U+0053 (83) LetterS.svg S LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S
U+0054 (84) LetterT.svg T LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T
U+0055 (85) LetterU.svg U LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U
U+0056 (86) LetterV.svg V LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V
U+0057 (87) LetterW.svg W LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W
U+0058 (88) LetterX.svg X LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X
U+0059 (89) LetterY.svg Y LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y
U+005A (90) LetterZ.svg Z LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z
U+005B (91) Left square bracket.svg [ LEFT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005C (92) U+005C.svg \ REVERSE SOLIDUS
U+005D (93) Right square bracket.svg ] RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005E (94) Arial caret.svg ^ CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
U+005F (95) _ LOW LINE
U+0060 (96) Diacritico 13.png ` GRAVE ACCENT
U+0061 (97) Letter a.svg a LATIN SMALL LETTER A
U+0062 (98) Letter b.svg b LATIN SMALL LETTER B
U+0063 (99) Letter c.svg c LATIN SMALL LETTER C
U+0064 (100) Letter d.svg d LATIN SMALL LETTER D
U+0065 (101) Letter e.svg e LATIN SMALL LETTER E
U+0066 (102) Letter f.svg f LATIN SMALL LETTER F
U+0067 (103) Letter g.svg g LATIN SMALL LETTER G
U+0068 (104) Letter h.svg h LATIN SMALL LETTER H
U+0069 (105) Letter i.svg i LATIN SMALL LETTER I
U+006A (106) Letter j.svg j LATIN SMALL LETTER J
U+006B (107) Letter k.svg k LATIN SMALL LETTER K
U+006C (108) Letter l.svg l LATIN SMALL LETTER L
U+006D (109) Letter m.svg m LATIN SMALL LETTER M
U+006E (110) Letter n.svg n LATIN SMALL LETTER N
U+006F (111) Letter o.svg o LATIN SMALL LETTER O
U+0070 (112) Letter p.svg p LATIN SMALL LETTER P
U+0071 (113) Letter q.svg q LATIN SMALL LETTER Q
U+0072 (114) Letter r.svg r LATIN SMALL LETTER R
U+0073 (115) Letter s.svg s LATIN SMALL LETTER S
U+0074 (116) Letter t.svg t LATIN SMALL LETTER T
U+0075 (117) Letter u.svg u LATIN SMALL LETTER U
U+0076 (118) Letter v.svg v LATIN SMALL LETTER V
U+0077 (119) Letter w.svg w LATIN SMALL LETTER W
U+0078 (120) Letter x.svg x LATIN SMALL LETTER X
U+0079 (121) Letter y.svg y LATIN SMALL LETTER Y
U+007A (122) Letter z.svg z LATIN SMALL LETTER Z
U+007B (123) Curly bracket left.svg { LEFT CURLY BRACKET
U+007C (124) | VERTICAL LINE
U+007D (125) Curly bracket right.svg } RIGHT CURLY BRACKET
U+007E (126) Tilde.svg ~ TILDE
U+007F (127) (unprintable) <control-007F>; control character name: DELETE (DEL)