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  1. (arithmetic, algebra) addition, additive operation
    3 + 2 = 5
  2. (mathematics) positiveness
    +5 is different than −5
  3. (informal) "or more"; indicates that a number is the minimum quantity or amount
    This project is going to take 10+ years to complete. (10 or more years)
  4. (mathematics) from the positive side
      is the same as  
  5. (mathematics) disjoint union, coproduct
  6. (mathematics, logic) exclusive disjunction
  7. (genetics) wild type
  8. (programming) string concatenation in some programming languages (that might be ambiguous with additive operation)
    "My name is " + name + ". I am " + age + " years old."
  9. (regular expressions) Detects one or more occurences of the preceding element.
    The string ab+c matches "abc", "abbc", "abbbc", and so on, but not "ac".
  10. (chess notation) check
  11. A placeholder standing for the international call prefix in phone numbers.
    Sure, call me if you want. My number is +496919725.
  12. (medicine) affirmative result from laboratory test
  13. (electricity) anode
  14. North.


For usage examples of this term, see Citations:+.


  • (symbol for and): &,


  • (addition or positiveness): - or , sometimes ÷

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  1. (computing) When placed between key names, indicates that they should be pressed simultaneously.
    Press Ctrl+C to copy!
  2. (informal) and


For usage examples of this term, see Citations:+.



  1. (text messaging, slang) more

Usage notesEdit

  • Name in English: plus