See also: +/-, [U+207A SUPERSCRIPT PLUS SIGN], 𑀓 [U+11013 BRAHMI LETTER KA], and Appendix:Variations of "t"

+ U+002B, +
Basic Latin ,
U+207A, ⁺

Superscripts and Subscripts
U+208A, ₊

Superscripts and Subscripts
U+2795, ➕

U+FE62, ﹢

Small Form Variants
U+FF0B, +

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms

Translingual edit

Presentations of ➕︎
➕︎ ➕️
Note: Character's appearance
may be different on each system.
Text style is forced with ︎
and emoji style with ️

Description edit

Two lines crossed in the middle: one vertical line and one horizontal line.

Glyph origin edit

From a ligature of Latin et (and). Compare & and of same meaning.

Symbol edit

+ (English symbol name plus sign or plus)

  1. (arithmetic, algebra) Addition, additive operation.
    3 + 2 = 5
  2. (mathematics) Explicitly indicates that the next number is positive.
    +5 is different from −5
  3. (informal) "Or more"; indicates that a number is the minimum quantity or amount.
    This project is going to take 10+ years to complete. (10 or more years)
  4. (mathematics) From the positive side.
      is the same as  
  5. (mathematics) A disjoint union, a coproduct.
  6. (mathematics, logic) An inclusive disjunction.
  7. (genetics) A wild type.
  8. (botany) A grafted hybrid.[1]
  9. (programming) A string concatenation in some programming languages (that might be ambiguous with an additive operation).
    "My name is " + name + ". I am " + age + " years old."
  10. (regular expressions) Detects one or more occurrences of the preceding element.
    The string ab+c matches "abc", "abbc", "abbbc", and so on, but not "ac".
  11. (chess notation) Check.
  12. A placeholder standing for the international call prefix in phone numbers.
    Sure, call me if you want. My number is +496919725.
  13. (medicine) An affirmative result from a laboratory test.
  14. (electricity) An anode.
  15. Indicating north.
  16. (music) Augmented.

Usage notes edit

  • The + symbol is called the plus sign in English (see there for translations).

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Synonyms edit

Antonyms edit

  • (antonym(s) of addition or positiveness): - or , sometimes ÷

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Conjunction edit


  1. (computing) When placed between key names, indicates that they should be pressed simultaneously.
    Press Ctrl+C to copy!
  2. (siglum, informal) and

Quotations edit

For quotations using this term, see Citations:+.

Adverb edit


  1. (text messaging, slang) more

References edit

  1. ^ Simpson, Niki (2010 February) “Botanical symbols: a new symbol set for new images”, in Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society[1], volume 162, number 2, →DOI, archived from the original on 2021-12-19, pages 117–129

English edit

Conjunction edit


  1. Abbreviation of and.

Usage notes edit

  • In stenoscript, this is only used for the conjunction 'and'. The sound sequence /Vnd/ is written .

Chinese edit

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Particularly: “Mandarin”

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  1. (neologism, Covid-19) denotes the immigration policy where the preceding number is the number of days required for quarantine and the following number is the number of days for medical monitoring
    (the policy of) 7 days of quarantine followed by 3 days of medical monitoring