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Etymology edit

Expanded form of -ство (-stvo). (This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium.)

Pronunciation edit

  • -инство: IPA(key): [ʲɪnstvə]
  • -и́нство: IPA(key): [ˈʲinstvə]
  • -инство́: IPA(key): [ʲɪnstˈvo]

Suffix edit

-инство or -и́нство or -инство́ (-instvo or -ínstvo or -instvón

  1. suffix appended to nouns and adjectives to create a neuter abstract noun denoting a quality or state: -ity, -hood, -ness
    бо́льше (bólʹše, bigger, more, greater) + ‎-инство́ (-instvó) → ‎большинство́ (bolʹšinstvó, majority)
    ме́ньше (ménʹše, less, smaller, fewer) + ‎-инство́ (-instvó) → ‎меньшинство́ (menʹšinstvó, minority)
    ста́рший (stáršij, senior) + ‎-инство́ (-instvó) → ‎старшинство́ (staršinstvó, seniority)
    ма́терь (máterʹ, mother) + ‎-и́нство (-ínstvo) → ‎матери́нство (materínstvo, maternity)
    сестра́ (sestrá, sister) + ‎-инство (-instvo) → ‎се́стринство (séstrinstvo, sisterhood)

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