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Compare Ukrainian будь-який (budʹ-jakyj) or Polish bądź.

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): [nʲɪbʊtʲ]
  • IPA(key): [nʲɪˌbutʲ]
  • (colloquial) IPA(key): [nʲɪtʲ] (phonetic respelling: -нить)
  • (file)

Suffix Edit

-нибудь (-nibudʹ)

  1. any-, an indefinite particle used in the following compound pronouns:

Usage notes Edit

The letter у (u) in -нибудь (-nibudʹ) can carry the secondary stress; different from the primary stress that is common in Russian. As a similar tendency, the letter и (i) in -либо (-libo) also carries the secondary stress.

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