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Latin edit

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-olus (feminine -ola, neuter -olum); first/second-declension suffix

  1. Alternative form of -ulus

Usage notes edit

This allomorph of the Latin diminutive suffix is used instead of -ulus whenever the preceding letter is i or e, and sometimes used when the preceding letter is u/v. (After a preceding v or u, variation in Latin spelling between the letter u and the letter o is not specific to this suffix, but is generally found for the short back rounded vowel derived from raising of original o: compare volt/vult and servom/servum). Thus, nouns or adjectives ending in -ius, -ia, -ium form diminutives in -iolus, -iola, iolum, nouns or adjectives ending in -eus, -ea, -eum form diminutives in -eolus, -eola, eolum, and nouns or adjectives ending in -vus, -va, -vum (or -uus, -ua, -uum) may form diminutives in -volus, -vola, volum (-uolus, -uola, -uolum).

fīlius (son) + ‎-olus → ‎fīliolus (young son)
linteum (linen cloth) + ‎-olus → ‎linteolum (small linen cloth)
scaeva (left) + ‎-olus → ‎Scaevola (Lefty (proper name))
aqua (water) + ‎-olus → ‎aquola (also spelled aquula, acula)

Declension edit

First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative -olus -ola -olum -olī -olae -ola
Genitive -olī -olae -olī -olōrum -olārum -olōrum
Dative -olō -olō -olīs
Accusative -olum -olam -olum -olōs -olās -ola
Ablative -olō -olā -olō -olīs
Vocative -ole -ola -olum -olī -olae -ola

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