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Unknown, probably arbitrary or from poo.

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  • (UK) IPA(key): /puː/, sometimes including reduction of the preceding /i/ to /ɪ/
  • (US) IPA(key): /pu/

Suffix edit


  1. Added to nouns, especially personal names, ending in -y or -ie to form affectionate, playful diminutives.
    • 1908 January 28, Republican News, page 8:
      This is my little dog, Pinky-Panky-Poo. Bark at the gentleman, Pinky-Panky-Poo.
    • 1932, James Mitchell, Sunset Song, page 21:
      ...they would scraich out ‘Inky poo, your nose is blue, You're awful like the Turra Coo!’ whenever they saw Ellison go by.
    • 2002, William Kennedy, Roscoe, page 241:
      As Elisha passes her on his way to the microphone she does her boa-constrictor number, big huggypoo, big kissypoo. Once past Pammypoo, Elisha makes a speech.

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