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English edit

Noun edit

OOP (countable and uncountable, plural OOPs)

  1. (programming, uncountable) Initialism of object-oriented programming.
  2. (tennis) Initialism of order of play (the schedule of contests in a tennis event).
  3. (Internet) Initialism of original original poster (the poster of quoted material).

Adjective edit

OOP (not comparable)

  1. (publishing) Initialism of out of print.
  2. (poker) Initialism of out of position.
  3. Abbreviation of out of pocket.

See also edit

  • OP (out of print)

Verb edit

OOP (third-person singular simple present OOPs, present participle OOPing, simple past and past participle OOPed)

  1. (programming, informal) To use object-oriented programming for a task. (Can we add an example for this sense?)

Anagrams edit

Czech edit

Proper noun edit


  1. Initialism of Organizace pro osvobození Palestiny (PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization)).

Declension edit

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