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Back-formation from children.



  1. (chiefly non-standard, humorous) Used to form the plural of nouns
    • 2006, Timothy White, Catch a fire: the life of Bob Marley:
      As Ciddy and child had slept soundly under Omeriah's roof, a group of young "kidren" playing outside sang a "ring song" []
    • 2006, Alex Wheatle, Island songs:
      Unruly kidren would fling rockstone after him.
    • 2008, Douglas Sarine, Kent Nichols, The Ninja Handbook:
      This exercise will help you develop the skills to tell your ninja brethren (and sistren and thingren) apart. Simply match the name of each famous ninja with his/her/its deadly eyes.

Usage notesEdit

  • Generally the standard plural suffix when used with children.

Derived termsEdit