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ASC (plural ASCs)

  1. Initialism of altered state of consciousness.
    • 2005, Michael J. Gilmour, Call Me the Seeker, page 244:
      Ravers listen to technomusic at home, and some have commented that certain tracks of music can elicit ASC similar to the ones experienced at raves.
  2. (medicine) Initialism of ambulatory surgery center.
    • 2000, Michael Lavan, “Facilities for Ambulatory Surgery. Part A: The Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center”, in H. Randolph Bailey; Michael J. Snyder, editors, Ambulatory Anorectal Surgery, Springer, →ISBN, page 1:
      The ambulatory surgery center (ASC) differs from the general hospital (GH) in several respects. [] The ASC has many advantages over the GH facility, some of which are financial and others related to patient flow and satisfaction. Clearly, a facility that has a limited purpose and scope can eliminate many services and costs that are necessary in the GH.

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  1. (Australia) Initialism of Australian Sports Commission.
  2. (Canada) Initialism of Advertising Standards Canada.
  3. (Britain) Initialism of Association of Speakers Clubs.
  4. (Britain) Initialism of Avon and Somerset Constabulary.
  5. (computing) Abbreviation of ASCII.




Initialism of Agence spatiale canadienne (Canadian Space Agency).

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  1. CSA (Canadian Space Agency)

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