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CAS (countable and uncountable, plural CASes)

  1. (electronics, communication) Initialism of channel-associated signalling.
  2. (military) Initialism of combat armor suit. Used for a powered, armed and armored exoskeleton, in fiction and military research.
  3. (aviation) Initialism of calibrated airspeed.
  4. (aviation) Acronym of collision avoidance system.
    Coordinate terms: RIMCAS, TCAS, GCAS
  5. (military, aviation) Acronym of close air support.
  6. (mathematics, computing) Initialism of computer algebra system.
  7. (organisation) Initialism of complex adaptive system.
  8. (computing, uncountable) Initialism of compare and swap.
  9. Initialism of cowboy action shooting.

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  1. (chemistry) Initialism of Chemical Abstracts Service.
  2. (law, sports) Initialism of Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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CAS f (plural CASs)

  1. (Canada, meteorology) Initialism of cote air santé (air quality health index): AQHI