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From Middle High German biutel, from Old High German būtil, from Proto-Germanic *buzdô (beetle, grub, swelling), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰūs- (to move quickly). Cognate with Dutch buidel.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbɔʏ̯təl/, [ˈbɔø̯tl̩]
  • (file)


Beutel m (genitive Beutels, plural Beutel)

  1. a small to medium-sized bag, usually of fabric
    Der Beutel ist ziemlich voll.
    The bag is quite full.
  2. pouch (bag with a drawstring)
  3. pouch (body part of a marsupial)

Usage notesEdit

  • Bags of paper or plastic are more properly called Tüten, though Beutel can be used as well. Moreover, only Beutel is used in some particular contexts, e.g. Staubsaugerbeutel (vacuum cleaner bag), Teebeutel (tea bag), etc.


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