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  1. (international standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for the Republic of the Congo.
    Synonym: COG (alpha-3)

English edit

Noun edit

CG (plural CGs)

  1. (visual effects, animation) Initialism of computer graphics.
    Synonym: CGI
  2. cover girl
  3. (baseball) the statistic reporting the number of "Complete Games" thrown by a pitcher
  4. (US, military, nautical) guided missile cruiser
  5. (US, military, nautical) coast guard
  6. (video games) in a visual novel: a unique, static full-screen image, usually displayed to illustrate a significant event in the story.
    • 2016 March 7, Andrew Barker, “Steins;Gate”, in RPGFan[1], archived from the original on 10 October 2019:
      Plenty of CGs pad out the adventure too, with beautiful art depicting the events that take place.
    • 2017 August 31, Marcus Estrada, “Review: A Hand in the Darkness”, in Hardcore Gamer[2]:
      There are a good number of CG scenes as well which provide even nicer artwork. Please note that though this is a visual novel on Steam, there are pretty steamy CGs in each route.
  7. (economics) Initialism of capital gain.

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From English CG (computer graphics” or “computer generated).

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CG(シージー) (shī-jī

  1. digital art, especially referring to a singular drawing
    digital artwork collection

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