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  1. (Internet) Initialism of care to chat?

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  1. (US) Initialism of Children's Theater Company (Minneapolis)


CTC (plural CTCs)

  1. (Britain) Initialism of City Technology College.
  2. (railway) Initialism of Centralized Traffic Control.
  3. (medicine) Initialism of curculating tumor cell.
    • 2018—Mursina, Kate (8 February 2018): "Teasing Out Circulating Tumor DNA". ClinicalOMICs.
      An ability to etect (sic) circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or cell-free cancer DNA (cfDNA) in blood or saliva opens possibilities to suspect cancer even before it is visible on radiological images.


CTC (third-person singular simple present CTCs, present participle CTCing, simple past and past participle CTCed)

  1. (Australia, film classification) Initialism of Check The Classification (that is given to films to allow advertising prior to their official classification)
  2. (informal) Install or convert to Centralized Traffic Control.
    • 1959, Trans-communicator - Volume 76, page 39:
      That installation will deplete telegraphers jobs considerably. Santa Fe already CTCing Mojave to Barstow.
    • 1960, Railway Signaling and Communications - Volume 53, page 16:
      Considerable activity on CTC projects will occur during the year. Several roads are well along on programs of CTCing their mainlines: AT&SF, C&O, CNR, NYC, NP, SP and UP.
    • 1995 February 12,, “Monitoring CSX and NS in Louisville, KY”, in rec.railroad, Usenet:
      The control of NS yards in Lousiville is a first step of CTCing the entire line from Danville to Prinston.
    • 1997 May 10, Kevin013, “Should CalTrain Drop "Push-Pull" Operating?”, in ba.transportation, Usenet:
      This is something of a stretch. Yes, CalTrain is already safe, but, like I said, it is behind the times compared to other railroads. Part of improving service will involve CTCing the whole 47 miles of line.
    • 1999 July 3, Erich Houchens, “NYC, PRR and CTC”, in misc.transport.rail.americas, Usenet:
      Back in the early 80's when Amtrak was CTCing the Northeast corridor the operators union (BRAC) notified Amtrak that only they could operate CTC on ex PRR lines.

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  • (centralized traffic control): PTC (positive train control)