Category:Hungarian non-ethnonym high-vowel adjectives

This category is for Hungarian (back-vowel) adjectives that take high-vowel suffixes in the accusative and in the plural (‑ot, ‑ok) (rather than low-vowel ‑at, ‑ak, common for back-vowel adjectives), excluding ethnonyms, where this behavior is regular (compare the back-vowel consonant-final terms in hu:Ethnonyms and especially in hu:Nationalities).

The adjectives that are currenctly missing (those marked with an asterisk exist only in some other language[s]): kuruc, lafanc, melák, mihók, nyámnyám, nyimnyám, nyomorék, olvatag, omlatag, pecsovics, plump*, pocsék, procc, pupák, romlatag, roppant, smucig, snájdig, snassz, úrhatnám, vacak, záp, avatag, bágyatag, balgatag, balog, bitang*, bomlatag, csélcsap, dancs, félbolond, félnomád, félvak, fonák, galád, hervatag, huncut

In total, almost a third of them (23) end in -g, a fifth (17) end in -k, 7 in -d, 5 in -t, 4-4-4 in -c, -m, -p, 3 in -cs, 2-2-2 in -b, -x, -gy, and 1-1-1 in -f, -s, -sz.