Map of the expeditions of Sven Hedin (1906-8) including Dol


Borrowed from Uyghur دول(dol).


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  1. A township in Lop, Hotan prefecture, Xinjiang, China.
    • 1893, Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain), “Journey of Carey and Dalgleish in Chinese Turkistan and Northern Tibet in 1885–7”, in Supplementary Papers[1], volume 3, J. Murray, LCCN 10017941, OCLC 1849917, page 22, part 1:
      Journey across desert. Two Langars at 5th and 8th mile. Enter on cultivation at 14th mile, close to the village of Dol. Road excellent.
    • 1999, People's Republic of China: Gross Violations of Human Rights in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region[2], Amnesty International USA, OCLC 1016362905, page 50:
      Obul Kasem Imin, a Uighur from Dol village in Lop county, near Khotan, was reportedly taken into custody by public security officers from Lop County in September 1996 for "speaking out against the government".
    • 2015 May 13, Roseanne Gerin, Shohret Hoshur, “Six Dead, Four Injured in Two Successive Suicide Attacks in China’s Xinjiang”, in Shohret Hoshur, transl., Radio Free Asia[3], archived from the original on May 18, 2015:
      Memtimin Abla, deputy chief of police of the Lop county police department, told RFA that the three attackers were all from Dol township in Lop county and between the ages of 18 and 20.
    • 2019 December 30, Chris Buckley and Austin Ramzy, “To China, Muslim Workers Are Eager Recruits. Others See Forced Labor.”, in New York Times[4], archived from the original on December 30, 2019:
      “Head out boldly and bring back the cash,” a village official in Dol Township in southern Xinjiang told dozens of farmers, according a local government report last year. The village officials urged team leaders to take special care of three villagers in their 60s who had signed up to pick cotton, the report said.





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Dol ?

  1. A village in Goesdorf, Luxembourg.


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Dol m

  1. (Jersey) a diminutive of the male given name Dâlpheusse