Etymology 1Edit



EPR (plural EPRs)

  1. (aviation) Initialism of engine pressure ratio (the ratio of pressure between exhaust and inlet of a jet engine).
  2. (finance) Initialism of expected profit rate.
  3. (physics) Initialism of European Pressurised Reactor, a type of nuclear reactor.

Etymology 2Edit

From the initials of the three theoreticians to conceived of the paradox, Einstein (Albert Einstein), Podolsky (Boris Podolsky), Rosen (Nathan Rosen)

Proper nounEdit


  1. (uncountable, physics) Ellipsis of EPR paradox Initialism of Einstein Podolsky Rosen.
Derived termsEdit

(Einstein Podolsky Rosen):

  • ER=EPR / EPR=ER (a conjecture about the nature of the universe that connects quantum physics to spacetime physics)
  • EPR telephone (a conjecture to communicate non-locally, faster than light, back in time)
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