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  1. (international standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Eritrea since 1993.
    Synonym: ERI (alpha-3)

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  1. Initialism of Elizabeth Regina (Queen Elizabeth).
    Synonym: EIIR
  2. (Britain) Initialism of Edward Rex. (on coins, letterboxes, etc.) The royal cypher for Edward VII, king of Great Britain
    Synonym: EVIIR
  3. (US politics) Initialism of Eleanor Roosevelt.
  4. (US sports) Abbreviation of Erie (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA).

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ER (countable and uncountable, plural ERs)

  1. (baseball) Initialism of earned run.
  2. (biology) Initialism of endoplasmic reticulum.
  3. (computing) Initialism of entity-relationship.
    Hyponym: EER
  4. (medicine) Initialism of emergency room.
  5. (biochemistry) Initialism of estrogen receptor.
  6. (physics) Initialism of Einstein-Rosen bridge.
    Coordinate term: EPR
  7. (military) Initialism of enhanced radiation.

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ER ?

  1. (sports) Abbreviation of Erie.