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Etymology 1Edit

A clipping or hypochoristic form of Jessica.

Proper nounEdit


  1. A diminutive of the female given name Jessica.

Etymology 2Edit

A hypochoristic form of Jane, Jean, etc., possibly under the influence of lassie or -ess and -ie. Doublet of Ivanka, Jan, Janelle, Janet, Janey, Janine, Jeanette, Jeanie, Jeannette, Jeannine, Jen, Jenna, Jenny, Jo, Jody, Juanita, Shanae, Sinead, and Vanna.

Proper nounEdit


  1. A female given name.


Jessie (plural Jessies)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of jessie: a cowardly, effeminate, or homosexual man, a girly man.
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 3Edit

Variant of Jesse, from Ancient Greek Ἰεσσαί (Iessaí), from Hebrew יִשַׁי(Yishai).

Proper nounEdit


  1. (US, eye dialect) A male given name from Hebrew, variant of Jesse.