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Latin Edit

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Proper noun Edit

Mardī m pl (genitive Mardōrum); second declension

  1. A tribe of Armenia mentioned by Tacitus

Declension Edit

Second-declension noun, plural only.

Case Plural
Nominative Mardī
Genitive Mardōrum
Dative Mardīs
Accusative Mardōs
Ablative Mardīs
Vocative Mardī

References Edit

  • Mardi”, in William Smith, editor (1854, 1857) A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography, volume 1 & 2, London: Walton and Maberly

Norman Edit

Days of the week in Norman · les jours d'la s'maine (layout · text)
Dîmmanche Lundi Mardi Mêcrédi Jeudi Venrédi Sanm'di

Alternative forms Edit

  • mardi (Guernsey, Sark, continental Norman)

Etymology Edit

From Old French mardi, from Latin Martis diēs, variant of diēs Martis (literally day of Mars).

Pronunciation Edit

  • (file)

Noun Edit

Mardi m (plural Mardis)

  1. (Jersey) Tuesday