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  1. Abbreviation of Neutral Paralympic Athletes (IPC Paralympic team code for the Russian Paralympians cleared of doping offences while the country of Russia is excluded due to government-sponsored doping.)

Coordinate terms Edit

  • OAR (Olympic Athletes from Russia)
  • IOA (independent Olympic athlete)
  • IOP (individual Olympic participant)

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  1. Initialism of National Prescription Audit.
  2. (Philippines) Initialism of New People's Army.

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NPA (plural NPAs)

  1. (banking) Acronym of nonperforming asset.

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NPA(エヌピーエー) (Enu-Pī-Ē

  1. 警察庁: National Police Agency

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Borrowed from English NPA.

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  • IPA(key): /ʔen pi ˈʔej/, [ʔɛm pɪ ˈʔɛɪ̯]

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  1. NPA (Initialism of New People's Army)
    Synonym: BHB