See also: nass, nāss, naß, and Naß

English edit

Etymology 1 edit

Proper noun edit


  1. Alternative form of Ness

Etymology 2 edit

From Tlingit naas (intestine).

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  1. A river in British Columbia.

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German edit

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Etymology edit

From Middle High German and Old High German naz (compare Dutch nat), from Proto-West Germanic *nat, from Proto-Germanic *nataz.

Pronunciation edit

  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -as

Noun edit

Nass n (strong, genitive Nasses, no plural)

  1. moisture
  2. a nickname for a heavy drinker or a topographic name for someone living on wet land, or around moisture (ex:Swamp, Marsh).

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  • Nass” in Duden online