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Proper nounEdit


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  1. A brand of adult magazines introduced in the United States.

Derived termsEdit



Playboy (plural Playboys)

  1. A Playboy magazine.


Playboy (comparative more Playboy, superlative most Playboy)

  1. Pertaining to a hedonistic philosophy and idealized women with exaggerated sexual characteristics.
    • 1998, Jackie Collins, Power, page 34:
      "More Playboy than us." Salli giggled. "I know. Only joking. I've been on Playboy's cover three times. They adore me." She giggled again.
    • 2001, Jesse Ventura, Do I Stand Alone?: Going to the Mat Against Political Pawns and Media Jackals, page 31:
      And when you take a Playboy interview, where they pump sound bites into the media, it all sounds much harsher than you intended.
    • 2004, Inman Majors, Wonderdog, page 180:
      And ready to do something for the state too. / Do what? / Lead it, says Shade. / He couldn't lead a frat house across the street to the Playboy mansion.
    • a. 2006, Timothy 'Speed' Levitch, "Wall Street: The Story of What Happened to Our Intimacy", in Alan Kaufman, The Outlaw Bible of American Essays, page 48
      There is more history of New York City in a Playboy centerfold than in the entire Encyclopedia of New York or any other academic study of the place.