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Map including PRATAS REEF and Pratas Island (AMS, 1955)


From the Portuguese Ilhas das Pratas ("Silver Plate Islands"), in reference to the round shape of the atoll.


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  1. (geography) An island and an atoll in the South China Sea administered as part of Cijin (Qijin), Kaohsiung, Republic of China (Taiwan).
    • 1992, Richard Louis Edmonds, Graham P. Chapman, Kathleen M. Baker, editors, The Changing Geography of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (The Changing Geography of Asia)‎[1], Routledge, →ISBN, page 160:
      Since 1949, Taiwan has remained under Nationalist (Kuomintang) control along with the off-shore islands of Chin-men (Kinmen) and Ma-tsu (Lien-chiang County) in Fujian Province. Chin-men and Lien-chiang County are to end their period of direct military rule and to elect their first country magistrates in 1993. In addition, the Nationalists maintain garrisons and weather stations in the South China Sea on T'ai-p'ing Island in the Nansha or Spratly Islands and in the Tungsha or Pratas Islands (see Figure 6.1).
    • 2020 September 14, “South China Sea Watch: More talks and more tensions”, in Washington Post[2]:
      Taiwan says Chinese warplanes entered its airspace in the South China Sea on Wednesday and Thursday during large-scale war games that it called a “serious provocation to the self-governing island and a grave threat to regional peace and stability.”
      Taiwan’s foreign ministry said Thursday that its military was fully aware of China’s actions and “responds effectively,” without giving details. The war games reportedly took place in airspace between Taiwan’s main island and the Taiwan-controlled Pratas island group to the south.